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Ian recommended the long handled log winder to ke and persuaded me to get one from him at the mega. I am so glad he did! It is so easy to use and even my big fingers can now roll nano logs easily. Thanks Ian and happy to recommended to others. Oh, the magnet is useful too

The best pog winder by far! Works far better than the ones made out of split pins

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Log Winder




Exclusive to Geocache Land, these hand made log winder tools are the best that there are.

Specifically designed for winding geocaching logs rolls everything about these winders stands out against other brands. From the wooden handle to the precisely engineered pin you will not be disappointed with this tool and will wonder how you managed without one!

This is the HANDMADE must-have tool for every geocacher.
The handle of tool is produced of beech wood. It is a pleasure to hold such tool in your hands and much easier to use than the small metal handles normally offered.
The pin has a special precise and sharp cut to hold the edge of the logsheet reliably. It is produced of brass so it will never get rusty like the steel ones do!

As each tool is HANDMADE, all the tools are very similar, but NOT THE SAME. They are individual and UNIQUE and made with love in EU. All materials come from within the EU.


Available in two versions:


  • Short - 70mm long with a 25mm pin. The wood handle makes it easy to roll the log tightly with little effort.
  • Long - 120mm long with a 25mm pin. This longer version comes complete with a magnet set into the end of the handle giving you a very useful magnetic tool for retrieving tricky caches and saves having to carry two tools with you. The magnet easily picks up 200g!

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