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Lock Picking Tools and Sets



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Lock Pick Field Puzzle geocaches are becoming more and more popular. Get the tools you need to beat these geocaches and even teach yourself how to pick a padlock with the complete training set.

Pick package: 8 picks that will fit 99% of locks. Also comes with removal files so you can get any broken key pieces out if required.

Tension Bar pack: A pack of 3 tension bars that allow you to apply different levels of pressure onto the lock and also have varying sizes and lengths allowing use in many different locks.

Full Set:

  • A high quality fully working clear perspex padlock so you can see what you are doing as you practice
  • A set of 6 picks
  • Two double ended tension bars
  • Full instructions
  • 4 broken key removal tools.

The padlock is a fully working lock and comes with two keys (but you should never need them!). Once you have learned how to pick the padlock for geocaching your skills will come in handy for many other situations.

Weight of set: 145g

Please note: It is illegal to carry a lock pick in a public place in the UK (and many other countries) without good reason. We strongly recommend that when attempting any lock pick type geocache you take a print out of the geocache page to help explain why you have the tools with you if you are stopped by the police. By buying any lock picking tool or product you fully agree and accept that Geocache Land cannot be held responsible for any action taken against you in any way for carrying or using lock picking tools.