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Cache Lanyard

This lanyard rope is perfect for securely fixing your cache in place yet allowing the finder to remove and replace the cache without the risk of loosi...
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Car Charger

£3.50 £6.00
Double port universal charger5V / 2.1 ampDisplays current chargeIntelligent chip protection to prevent:over chargeover heatingover currentover voltage...
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High quality carabina type keyring with locking ring.Available in:PurplePinkBlackSize: 75mm x 42mmNOT suitable for climbing, keyring only.
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Carabina Lock

Carabina combination lock, now in 2 sizesThis locking carabina has a multitude of uses and is a great addition to any geocachers itinerary:Lock your G...
Nite Ize


£3.99 £4.99
Keep this five-in-one multi tool conveniently clipped to your key chain for those save-the-day moments. Lightweight, durable, and airport friendly, yo...
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£2.00 £4.00
Top quality Halsted Mosquito forceps.Ideal for grabbing tricky log sheets or adding that little extra reach to your arm. Ratchet handles ensure a firm...
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Hat Torch

£1.00 £3.00
This super bright torch clips onto the peak of a baseball cap, or any other stiff peaked hat to give you light where ever you are looking. They are id...
Unique Geocaches

Log Winder

Exclusive to Geocache Land, these hand made log winder tools are the best that there are.Specifically designed for winding geocaching logs rolls every...
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Mini Carabina

This mini carabina has many uses including being part of a cache attachment set.Each part of the set is available as add ons or as separate parts.Prev...
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NFC Tags

These waterproof NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags are perfect for making stages of a multicache. Easy to program using free apps and compatible wit...
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We are now offering several options for tweezers.We have sets and individual tweezers available:Single Curved fine tip - £1 Single Straight Fine tip -...
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Two Way Radio

£10.00 £15.00
A twin pack of 2 way radios with over 75% off the normal retail price. These radios are an excellent way to keep in touch whilst out and about. They a...