Survival Blanket

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Survival Blanket

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An essential for every geocacher and vehicle!

Keeping a survival blanket in your geocaching bag and/or vehicle could well save your life or the life of another.

These blankets are proven to:

  1. Reduce shock
  2. Keep a patient warm, dry and clean
  3. Significantly slow down the onset of hypothermia
  4. Reduce the risk of sunstroke / overheating

To use simply unfold and wrap around the body leaving the face uncovered. The blanket can also be used as a ground sheet under a person to prevent heat loss to the ground.

> Emergency thermal blanket
> Waterproof and windproof
> Radar reflective
> High visibility
> Material: Aluminium coated PET
> Size: 130 x 210cm
> Weight: 50g