Scotty Points are Geocache Land's new loyalty point system!

To reward you for being a loyal customer every £1 you spend earns you a Scotty Point. Scotty Points can be used at the checkout instead of cash to pay for goods. You can use Scotty Points to make part or whole payments for an order. Simply create an account when you go to check out and the points will be added to your account automatically. The next time you visit the shop and log into your account your Scotty Points will be waiting for you.

How it works

You earn 1 Scotty point for every pound (£1) you spend


How can I gain Scotty points?
Customers who register an account with Geocache Land (done at checkout) will earn their Scotty points on every whole pound they spend.

How can I spend Scotty points?
Once a customer has Scotty points worth £1.00 in their account they will be able to use them as though they are cash at the checkout.

Do I get award points for delivery costs?
No, Scotty Points are only given for items bought from the website, delivery costs are excluded.

Can I exchange my Scotty Points for cash?
Scotty Points can only be used to buy products on the website. The cash value of one Scotty Point is 0.00000001p.

I bought some items from Geocache Land at an event, do I get Scotty Points for that purchase?
Sorry, at the moment we have no way of adding offline purchases to the Scotty Point system.

On the old website we used to be able to select a free gift with any order. Why can I not do this now?
The old Free Item offer has finished. Scotty Points are a much better way to get the gifts or items you want. .