Scotland & Ohio Friendship Coin

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Scotland & Ohio Friendship Coin

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This coin was designed by Christian Mackey for Geocache Lands trip to GeoWoodstock XVI in Ohio, USA.

One side of the coin shows the national emblems of Scotland:

  • Animal - Unicorn
  • Flower - Thistle
  • Tree - Scots Pine
  • Motto - Nemo me impune lacessit
  • and the sky is formed from the Saltire, the Scottish Flag.

The other side of the coin shows the state emblems of Ohio:

  • Animal - Spotted Salamander (State amphibian)
  • Flower - Trillium
  • Tree - Ohio Buckeye
  • Motto - With God All Things Are Possible
  • and the State Flag in the background

This geocoin was the only geocoin designed by Christian Mackey for the GeoWoodstock event and bears Christian's trademark highly detailed design work. So fine that you will need excellent vision or a magnifying glass to spot the hidden dragon in the design!

Size: 50.82mm
Thickness: 5.78mm
Weight: 68g
Trackable: Yes
Own Icon: Yes

Versions available:

  • RE - Shiny Nickel (150 made)
  • LE - Satin Silver (75 made)
  • XLE - Gold (50 made)
  • AE - Bronze (25 made)

Please note: The photographs show the sample versions. Only the 4 versions of this coin were produced.