Single/ Rare/ Hard to find /Pre-Owned Geocoins

The geocoins in this section include older or rare geocoins. Some may have previously been in private collections or be new from the original retailer. The condition of each coin will be described in the listing as follows:

  • Excellent - Coin is new or in as new condition but may not be have a sleeve
  • Good - Coin may not be in original sleeve and has tiny marks that do not diminish from the look of the coin
  • Fair - Coin has noticeable marks but thay have little affect on the coin
  • Poor - Coin has marks that are clearly seen and affect the aesthetics of the coin
  • Fault - Coin is a fault coin. It has been produced with a fault that can be seen. The fault may be a production error (such as wrong enamel) or a machine mark from production.

All geocoins in this section are not activated unless stated in the description for the individual geocoin. Anyone buying an activated geocoin will be sent an adpotion request once you provide your user name. 

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