Peebles Pin Badge

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Peebles Pin Badge

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A Limited Edition pin badge of the Peebles Coat of Arms

The arms of the Royal Burgh of Peebles features three salmon on a red field. The heraldic blazon is: Gules, three salmons counter-naiant in pale proper. The motto is Contra Nando Incrementum, Latin for "There is growth by swimming against the stream", referring to the annual migration of salmon up the River Tweed in order to breed. The one salmon facing forwards and two facing backwards represent the fact that for every salmon that goes up the river, two come back to the sea.

The arms are very old, first appearing on the town's mercat cross, which was built some time before 1320. Originally the colours were not standardised, the background variously appearing as blue, green or red. The latter seems to have been most common, and it was red that was chosen when the arms were formally granted by Lord Lyon in 1894, following a petition from the town clerk, William Buchan, who had previously received a letter from A. C. Fox-Davies questioning the burgh's right to use the arms.

After the abolition of the old Scottish burghs in 1975, the arms became redundant. In 1988 they were regranted to the Royal Burgh of Peebles and District Community Council, who continue to use the arms today, with the addition of a community council's coronet. The traditional province of Ångermanland in Sweden also has a very similar coat of arms, but with a blue background.

Limited Edition: 100 made
Size: 25 x 18.6mm
Trackable: No
Weight for shipping: 5g