Other & Field Puzzle

Containers and equipment that can be used to make firld puzzle geocaches or do not fit into the normal geocache size guidelines. 

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Unbranded / Other

Carabina Lock

£2.25 £3.00
Carabina combination lock, now in 2 sizesThis locking carabina has a multitude of uses and is a great addition to any geocachers itinerary:Lock your G...
Geocache Land

Geocache Gaskets

£0.74 £0.99
You don't need to replace the whole geocache when the gasket ring breaks, you can just replace the gasket as needed.Geocache Land stock 5 sizes of sil...
Unbranded / Other

NFC Tags

£0.75 £1.00
These waterproof NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags are perfect for making stages of a multicache. Easy to program using free apps and compatible wit...