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You say in the advert that it is exactly the same as other nanos but this is not true! This one is considerably better!! Other magnetic nanos I have bought, the magnet in on the outside of the container and has ended up coming off resulting in me replacing them, even on an ftf the magnet was reported to come off! Sticking with these ones from now on as the magnet is on the inside of the tube and much more likely to survive. I also find these a lot easier to open as the top half is slightly larger.

Excellent magnet is far stronger than other shops nanos. Would like more colour choices though.

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Magnetic Nano



Black Matt Camo Brown Green Camo Dark Green Silver


These are the cheapest magnetic nano containers in the UK and are exactly the same as the ones sold at over £4.50 by other retailers!

We do not charge extra for colour variations and all containers include a log roll. 

Some retailers claim to be cheaper but do not include the log role and can even charge you extra for different colours!

At only 1.95 cm tall and 1.2 cm in diameter these tiny geocaches are brilliant for Urban Geocaching, as they blend into their surroundings so well. They also have a powerful magnet in the cap which greatly increases the potential hiding places. Magnet is internal giving a longer lifespan.

They have a metal screw cap and, unlike some versions, a rubber "O" ring to keep the water out.

Price includes a waterproof log sheet with metal pin for easy rolling.  

Available in:

  • Black

  • Green

  • Silver

  • Dark Green Camo 

  • NEW Brown

  • NEW Matt Green Camo

You can buy individual log roles from 40p each here

Just need a replacement gasket (rubber ring)? - Click here