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A Child's Dream

£9.00 £18.00
This geocoin is the personal geocoin of Geocache Land's Owner Ian and designed by Jon-Paul Barr. As well as his own personal version (only given as a ...
Oak Coins

Almost Dead

£9.00 £18.00
Another ghoulish geocoin, pin and tag sat from our friends at the Coin & Pin Club!The front features a detailed design of a geocacher who appears ...
AFK Geocaching

Angellica Geocoin

£10.00 £13.00
About the geocoin:Losing any friend or family member is always heart breaking no matter how prepared we are and we hope that this coin can help anyone...

Dragon Boat

£3.50 £7.50
Dragon Boat racing is a very popular world wide sport that began over 2000 years ago. The history of dragon boat racing: Dragon boat sport is originat...

Dragon Wings

£10.00 £17.00
Dragon Wings - the spinning geocoinGeocache Land bring you the first true spinning geocoin designed by Ian Ledger and produced by craftgenix.To descri...
Unbranded / Other

Fire Within

£8.00 £15.00
The "Fire Within" GeocoinKnown for the ability to breathe fire, and associated with destruction, the dragon is often forgotten for their desire to pro...

GIFF Gnomes

£6.00 £18.00
Looking for some inspiration for GIFF? How about a few artistic gnomes! These gnomes have been a fun part of many GIFF designs and are now available i...

Hidden By Gnome

£2.00 £12.00
Very few geocachers know but every geocache that contains swap items and is hidden well will be adopted and guarded by gnomes.Why? Well gnomes love to...
Unbranded / Other

Lucky Clover

£5.00 £10.00
The Druids (Celtic priests), in the early days of Ireland, believed that when they carried a three-leaf clover or shamrock, they could see evil spirit...
Visual Euphoria

Merlin's Circle

£5.00 £17.00
Merlin's Circle features the great Wizard on the obverse with a jeweled staff casting his spell from within the forest. The tree is 3D under transluce...

Purrmaid Geocoin

£10.00 £15.00
What do you get when you cross a kitten with a fish? The Purrmaid! This stunning coin comes to your from world renound artist and geocoin designer Ell...