The containers in this section are all upto 100ml in size and fit the Micro category on geocaching.com. 

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30ml Pot

30ml watertight containers.Lid has a silicon ring to ensure a water tight sealLabel is plain (not as per photograph).Length: 93.25mm (inc. lid)Width: ...
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40ml PET tube

PET tubes are perfect for making geocaches. They are Europe's most popular containers and these tubes are a great size. They will hold log, pencil, an...
Geocache Land

Bolt Bison

Larger than your average bison, these containers are ideal for hiding in areas that get cold or wet. They are shaped and textured so that gripping and...
Geocache Land

Mighty Micro

Think of the Mighty Micro as a hanging nano on steroids or as a short, fat bison. Either way this micro cache is ideal for several hiding scenarios. T...
Geocache Land

Slim Bison

These 15 x 50mm long micro caches are the same size as our  "Official Geocache Bison", Just without the laser engraving on the side. They are water an...
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Ultimate Bison

£5.00 £7.00
In response to requests for a fully waterproof geocache container Geocache Land bring you the Ultimate Bison. Now in two sizes:Small:External measurem...