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Log Labyrinth Cache

Log Labyrinth Cache

Product code: 3004700
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Especially made for Geocache Land these 3D printed caches are ideal for placing as a field puzzle. Supplied in their "raw" form so you can camouflage to suit your needs with paint, tape or in a camo bg. 

Can you solve the labyrinth? There is only one way to open this cache and that is to work your way through the blind internal maze within this log. A great way to add some fun to your hides and earn those elusive favourate points.

Difficulty level: 3/5

  • External 160mm x 60mm
  • Internal 88mm x 21mm
  • weight 95g

All 3D printed geocaches sold by Geocache Land are made using PLA+ filament. This is a much higher quality product than used by other manufacturers. PLA+ is more durable and has a life of 10 years before it starts to break down, compared to 5 years for PLA.
  • These caches are supplied in one of 2 colours at random - Pink or Gold
  • The plastic can be painted very easily, we recommend acrylic paints. There is no need for a primer.
  • The brown cache shown in the pictures has been painted with a single coat of acrylic paint. 
  • We recommend using a bison tube or one of our 5ml Screw Top Micro caches to hold the log sheet
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Weight 0.095kg
Product Code 3004700
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