Karen Jordan's Final Fortune - Taurus

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Karen Jordan's Final Fortune - Taurus

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The God Zeus, was in love with a beautiful princess called Europa. Zeus could change himself into anything he wanted so he turned himself into a beautiful white bull and mingled with the rest of Europas herd. Europa was immediately attracted to this beautiful beast and became very friendly with it. One day she went for a ride on its back and the bull travelled away over the seas with her, where he revealed himself as the handsome god Zeus. This form of Zeus was placed in the skies as a constellation, now known as Taurus, the bull.

Geocache Land have been working with artist Karen Jordan to produce a very special series of zodiac based geocoins and this is the second in the series.

Karen Jordan is a UK based artist who works in Pixelism (tiny dots), so each of her works of art take hours to complete. Karen has produced a series of artwork based on the signs of the zodiac for Geocache Land to produce as geocoins.

Each of the twelve pieces of art are being painstakingly converted to 3D mint ready designs by Jon-Paul Barr (JP's GeoDesigns). As you will understand, to keep as much of the original detail as possible this is a very slow and painstaking process.

These coins are 75mm in diameter, 5mm thick, full 3D, and weigh 75g. They are trackable on Geocaching.com with their own icon.

  • Regular Edition, Silver- 52 coins made
  • Limited Edition, Gold- 40 coins made
  • Extra Limited Edition, Antique Bronze - 36 coins made
  • Geocache Land Edition, Two Tone Black Nickel/ Satin Silver - 30 coins made
  • Karen Thorn Artist Edition, Satin Gold - 16 coins made