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Head / Neck Scarf (Buffs) - Over 20 designs



Over 20 great designs!

Welcome to our great range of unisex tubular head scarves, we have over 20 designs listed* and all are one great price! Scroll down/ click on the small blue arrow to see all designs available.

*Please note; this is a new product as of 26/01/18 and the full range will be added over the next few weeks. Please check individual designs for stock levels

There are at least 12 ways to wear these great head scarves:

  1. Bundesflagge
  2. UK
  3. World
  4. Leaves
  5. Autumn Oak
  6. Winter Pine
  7. Grass
  8. Skull
  9. Village
  10. Speed Freak
  11. Winter Camo
  12. Faded Oak
  13. Grin
  14. Blue Crack
  15. Circle Pattern
  16. Navy Camo
  17. Green Camo
  18. Marble
  19. X-ray Skull
  20. Brown Skulls
  21. Small Skulls
  22. Skull and Roses
  23. Guns & Roses

Care Instructions

This headgear is made of pretty strong stuff. However, if you notice a strange aroma after a few months of use, all you need do is wash by hand using any form of detergent at a cool temperature.

When it comes to drying all you need do is run down the street with your scarf trailing behind and after a good hour on the run it should be dry. Or just hang it on the line because it will dry in minutes.