Harpie Eagle

Harpie Eagle

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The fifth in the Amazing Brazilian Wildlife series by Kelux Geocoin Designs.

Bold and beautiful: The harpy eagle is legendary, although few people have seen one in the wild. Early South American explorers named these great birds after harpies, the predatory “frightful, flying creatures with hooked beak and claws” of Greek mythology. This dark gray bird of prey has a very distinctive look, with feathers atop its head that fan into a bold crest when the bird feels threatened. Some smaller gray feathers create a facial disk that may focus sound waves to improve the bird’s hearing, similar to owls. 

Like most eagle species, the female “harpy” is almost twice as large as the male. The harpy eagle's legs can be as thick as a small child's wrist, and its curved, back talons are larger than grizzly bear claws at 5 inches (13 centimeters) long! The harpy may not be the largest bird of prey (that title belongs to the Andean condor), but this extraordinary creature is definitely the heaviest and most powerful of birds.

To match this stunning birds bold and powerful beauty Kelux has designed a stunning geocoin that can be worn as a pendant if wanted. Available in four regular editions and an Artists edition each one comes with a 1m long real leather thong so you can wear it immediately if you wish.


  • Gold with Silver beak
  • Gold with Black Nickel beak
  • Silver with Gold beak
  • Silver with Black Nickel beak
  • Copper with Gold beak (Artist Edition)

43 of each of the regular editions and 18 of the Artists Edition were made.

Size: 50mm x 37mmm
Thickness: 5mm
Weight: 38g
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Yes

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Product Code 1026901
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