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Key Of Darkness - Full Set



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The geocoins in this listing are all older or rare geocoins. Some may have previously been in private collections or be new from the original retailer. The condition of each coin will be described in the listing as follows:
  • New - New condition, still in original sleeve/ packaging
  • As New - May have been taken from original sleeve / packaging but still in new condition
  • Excellent - Coin is in as new condition but may not be in original sleeve
  • Very Good - Coin may not be in original sleeve and has tiny marks that do not diminish from the look of the coin
  • Good - Coin is not in original sleeve and has small marks that do not diminish from the look of the coin
  • Fair - Coin has noticeable marks that have little affect on the coin
  • Marked - Coin has marks that have some affect on the appearance of the coin
  • Poor - Coin has marks that are clearly seen and affect the aesthetics of the coin
  • Fault - Coin is a fault coin. It has been produced with a fault that can be seen. The fault may be a production error (such as wrong enamel) or a machine mark from production.
Key Of Darkness - Full set in Frame

In the middle of the night. Rain is whipping in your face. Again your are alone to THE ultimate cache. Nobody has been there yet. It's a painful hunt for the FTF, but still it's very exciting. Weather and time are negligible. It's long past midnight when you arrive in front of this huge lost place. Your clothes grow damp, but still you move on. Your view sweeps along the front of a villa. Every edge is scanned by your tired eyes. No moonlight to give you a light, only rain. Somewhere a dog barks.

What could it have been? A sanatorium, a children's home or a villa of a dead millionaire? Do you know this moment? To enter a left alone building in the middle of the night on the hunt for the FTF? What is bigger? The fear or the attraction of the FTF? Come and find out!

Not all doors are accessible. You don't have a key for every lock. Or at least, not yet. You don't have a key for every lock but you can change it! Where will you go then? In room 23, nowhere, in the vault, the darkroom or will you find the way to another realm?

  • Size: 85 mm x 28.6 mm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Coloring: Imitation soft enamel solid colors.
  • Plating: See below
  • Condition - New
  • Weight - 32g each (plus frame)
  • Trackable - Yes
  • Own Icon - Yes 8340.gif
A total of 670 coins were made in the following numbers:
  • LE 150, Antique Silver, 'Crypt' Edition
  • LE 135, Antique Bronze, '23' Edition
  • LE 115, Antique Copper, 'Nowhere' Edition
  • OE 95, Black Nickel, 'Darkroom' Edition
  • AE 75, Antique Bronze, 'Kingdom' Edition