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Dragon Wings


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Dragon Wings - the spinning geocoin

Geocache Land bring you the first true spinning geocoin designed by Ian Ledger and produced by Geocoins R Us.

To describe this coin we thought it best in the designers own words:

"I am incredibly pleased with how this coin looks and spins. The idea for this geocoin came to me quite a while ago, I had seen plenty of geocoins with small rotating parts but not one that rotated freely. It may seem obvious now but at the time I could not work out how to make the coin not just turn but spin.

The original idea was for a two winged dragon with the wings spinning around the dragons body but however I drew this it just looked wrong, well to be honest it looked comical. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the only way I could make the coin work was to have a central "core" and for the wings to rotate around the core. So I then redesigned the coin to have the wings spin around a dragons eye.

Working with the mint they suggested changing the two wings to three to provide better balance but we both struggled with how to make the coin spin smoothly and freely. Several ideas were tried and rejected and then fidget spinners appeared on the market. Our problems were solved and after a few small alterations to the design Dragon Wings was born. 

When making the prototypes the mint noticed that the coins were very slightly unbalanced. To get round this problem the final coins would be cast and then before plating each coin would be balanced individually by hand filing the tips of the wings until the coin was balanced. This is a painstaking process and nearly led to the mint refusing to carry on with the production!

Once balanced the coins were then coated in the required finish and sent for enameling. Unlike the normal process for enameling where the craftsman carefully fills each section by eye, these coins needed something extra. To keep their balance each section of enameled area has a precise amount of enamel fill in milliliters, so not only does the craftsman need to use his skill to fill each area evenly, they have to use an exact amount of enamel every time! Doing this gives every Dragon Wings an almost perfect balance and keeps them spinning for much longer.

After enameling the coins then have a 'gem' pupil fitted to finish the geocoin off."





Versions Available:

Regular Edition (RE): Shiny Gold, 55 made, £15
Limited Edition (LE): Antique Silver, 50 made, £17
Extra Limited Edition (XLE): Antique Copper, 45 made, £19

(Unavailable/ Sold Out versions: XXLE Antique Gold - 40 made, and AE Satin Gold - 10 made)


Diameter: 90mm
Thickness: 15mm
Weight: 77g
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Yes


This item is not a toy. It contains very small parts and is not suitable for persons under 10 years old.

Maintenance - To keep the geocoin spinning the center can be occasionally unscrewed and the bearings cleaned and oiled. We recommend this is done by an adult.