Geocaching Slate Coasters

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Geocaching Slate Coasters

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Made from hand cut 500 million year old Welsh slate, with a natural riven finish and backed with green felt.

 Each coaster is hand finished to 10cm wide and 4mm thick*. The natural riven finish shows the grain of the slate and may have minor natural imperfections. We believe these tiny imperfections add to the visual appeal of the product making each slate truly unique.

Let your friends and relatives know what you would rather be doing when they come to visit!

Each coaster is engraved to order with a choice of geocache type:

  1. Traditional
  2. Multi
  3. Mystery
  4. Letterbox
  5. Event
  6. Virtual

Unlike printed or painted slate, engraved slate is 100% food safe and will not fade or chip off.

You can buy just one coaster or make a set up from any combination of the designs.
Each purchase comes gift boxed (one gift box per order)

*Due to being hand finished the diameter and thickness of each coaster may vary very slightly. This is normally not visible to the naked eye.