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NFC Tags



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Geocache Land are currently conducting a full stock check. During this time stocking errors may occure. We will contact you if this affects your order.

These waterproof NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags are perfect for making stages of a multicache. Easy to program using free apps and compatible with all NFC enabled Smartphones.
Once programmed you simply touch your phone against the tag to receive information from it, anything from basic text to automatically opening apps on the users phones can be simply programmed.

These tags can also be used for storing emergency information.

Geocache Land can also program your tag for you. For a small extra fee we can offer one of two options:

Option 1: Coordinates - we can program your tag to show coordinates and also open Google maps on the users phone showing the location of the coordinates and directions. Please add coordinates only to the text box.

Option 2: Emergency Details - We will program your tag with the following:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Any allergies, medications or special conditions
  • Blood type
  • Organ donor (Yes/No/Unspecified)
  • Additional information
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
Please note: After writing the tag it will be locked so details cannot be changed. Geocache Land cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect information being supplied. If you choose to have your tag programmed it becomes a made to order product and is exempt from distance selling regulations. We will only accept returns due to faulty workmanship during production.
Technical details:

Size: Round 32mm, Rectangle 42x26mm
Chip: NTAG213
Storage capacity: 144 bytes
Working frequency: Round tags 13.56MHz, Rectangle tags 14.50MHz 
Erase count: 10,000 times
Data storage: 5 years
Read/write Distance: 1-11mm
Support Agreement: ISO14443
Crystal Card is a very new RFID smart card with dust, waterproof, earthquake-resistant characteristics
1, Crystal drop gum, appearance fashion
2, waterproof and moisture proof, wear-resisting
3, easy to use
Technical parameters:
Material: PVC Epoxy resin (AB glue)

Why not add a sheet of extra small cache stickers to your order to clearly identify the tag as being part of a geocache?