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Car Charger

£3.50 £6.00
Double port universal charger5V / 2.1 ampDisplays current chargeIntelligent chip protection to prevent:over chargeover heatingover currentover voltage...
Oak Coins

Copper Bones

The perfect coin for all you pirates out there!Not much is known about One-Eyed Willy's background story, other than he was literally born with only o...


£4.50 £5.00
A stunning coin at an unbelievably low price! Daxiushan, translated as "Large Sleeve Gown", is a traditional Chinese attire for women and was most pop...
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Fire Within

£10.00 £15.00
The "Fire Within" GeocoinKnown for the ability to breathe fire, and associated with destruction, the dragon is often forgotten for their desire to pro...
Unbranded / Other


£2.00 £4.00
Top quality Halsted Mosquito forceps.Ideal for grabbing tricky log sheets or adding that little extra reach to your arm. Ratchet handles ensure a firm...

GIFF Gnomes

£12.00 £15.00
Looking for some inspiration for GIFF? How about a few artistic gnomes! These gnomes have been a fun part of many GIFF designs and are now available i...