Geocache Alaska - Eagle Geocoin (Coin & Proxy Set)

Geocache Alaska - Eagle Geocoin (Coin & Proxy Set)

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This Geocoin comes with MATCHING PROXY COIN!

A custom Eagle geocoin designed by Chris Mackey for GeocacheAlaska! 

On the front, we can see the Bald Eagle. The bald eagle is a spectacular site throughout the year for Alaskans and this coin features this beautiful creature with a fresh catch while soaring over the Fireweed in the foreground and the fog rising from the melting snow slopes of the Alaskan Range mountains. On the back a Bear Cache is visible, a Bear Cache is a place designed to store food outdoors and prevent bears and other animals from accessing it. They are also often used by campers when staying in bear habitat and can be used by hunters for storing game.

Full color enamel filled designs on both sides of this big, thick, beautiful 51mm coin

- 51mm Diameter x 4mm Thickness
- Weight 70g
- Combined levels of 2d molding for the highest level of detail possible!
- Multiple Translucent Soft Enamels
- Trackable at Geocaching.com

3 Finishes available (each with a matching Proxy!):
1) Black Nickel (RE)
2) Shiny Silver (RE)
3) Shiny Gold (RE)

Trackable at Geocaching.com with an own Trackable Icon: 

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Product Code 1016702
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