Fire Within

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Fire Within

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The "Fire Within" Geocoin

Known for the ability to breathe fire, and associated with destruction, the dragon is often forgotten for their desire to protect. Legend tells us of dragons protecting both treasure and humans alike. Releasing the fire within and protecting all whom are worthy.
The "Fire Within" geocoin is the brainchild of Amanda Poole, who wanted a geocoin that was not just personal, but showed personality.

Regular Edition - Red (94 made)                              
Regular Edition - Green (94 made)                          
Limited Edition - Blue (56 made)                              
Extra Limited Edition - Dark Red (56 made)            
Extra Extra Limited Edition - Pink Glitter (35 made)

Size: 46.3mm x 51.33mm
Thickness 3.51mm
Weight: 44g
Trackable: Yes
Own Icon: Yes