Elephant Geocoin

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Elephant Geocoin

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Three exclusive limited edition versions of the Elephant geocoin and only available from Geocache Land.

 Tanti LE Edition (75 made)- This stunning grey edition is named after the royal elephant of Pudukottai Samasthanam who refused to eat any food for several days. When the Dewan Regent Seshayya Satrigal summoned the mahout, he told him he was appointed only recently after the death of old mahout. He told the regent that the elephant was in ruts and so he put chains in all its four legs. When the regent visited the elephant he gave him rice, sugarcane and jaggery. It refused to eat them and shed loads of tears. Suddenly the elephant extended its trunk towards a lady in the crowd which gathered there out of curiosity. That lady started crying loudly. When the Dewan Regent asked her the reason for her sorrow, she told him that her husband who died two weeks ago was the ex mahout. I myself have fed this elephant umpteen times when my husband was alive. When people told me it had gone mad I wanted to see it as I raised it as my own son. 

When the Dewan Regent asked her to give the elephant a sugar cane she did it with utmost fear. But to everyones surprise the elephant patted its body with the sugarcane and started eating it. She gave more fodder and the elephant ate everything she gave. Now everybody knew that it was the sadness that made the elephant to shed tears. The lady continued feeding it for a long time till the new mahout was accepted by the elephant. Elephants were kinder and more grateful than human beings! 

Nalagiri XLE Edition (50 made) - A wonderful black edition that is named after the elephant tamed by Budda. The Story of Nalagiri is one of the better-known legends in the Buddhist tradition. Scenes of the Buddha taming a rampaging elephant with the power of his love appear in Buddhist art across southeast Asia, while the city of Rajgir, where the story takes place, has become a site of pilgrimage.

Karini XXLE Edition (25 made) - This very special pink edition of the Elephant geocoin is named after one of the Tamil words for a female elephant. This is a very special version of this coin that only reveals her true beauty after dark. 

Width: 45.5mm
Height: 50mm
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 20g
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Yes