Dragon Warrior - Cridhe Braidheach

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Dragon Warrior - Cridhe Braidheach

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Dragon Warrior, Cridhe Braidheach - the Finisher edition 

Back in the age of the Dragons, one could find lonely Dragon Warriors wandering over the world, always looking for the ultimate fight with a dragon.
Now, for centuries, dragons and warriors have been extinct, although, there are rumours coming from isolated locations in the eastern part of Asia that once again Dragons have been seen.....

The Geocoin is a tribute to the Dragon Warriors. It is designed by Christian Mackey and features intricate 3D work. 

This is the exclusive Geocache Land edition of this coin. Only 65 pieces of this edition have been made but only 45 are available for sale individually and it will not be reminted. Finished in Antique Copper with translucent black and green hard enamels, it is surrounded on both sides by rings of copper glitter hard enamels. 

Size: 55.31mm
Thickness: 6.85mm
Weight: 68g
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Yes