Cranes Geocoin + Pin

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Cranes Geocoin + Pin

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The red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) is a large East Asian crane and among the rarest cranes in the world. It is known as a symbol of luck, longevity and fidelity.

In China, the red-crowned crane is often featured in myths and legends. In Taoism, the red-crowned crane is a symbol of longevity and immortality. In art and literature, immortals are often depicted riding on cranes. A mortal who attains immortality is similarly carried off by a crane. Reflecting this association, red-crowned cranes are called xian he (literally: "fairy crane" or "crane of the immortals"). The red-crowned crane is also a symbol of nobility. Depictions of the crane have been found in Shang Dynasty tombs and Zhou Dynasty ceremonial bronzeware. A common theme in later Chinese art is the reclusive scholar who cultivates bamboo and keeps cranes.

Because of its importance in Chinese culture, the red-crowned crane was selected by the National Forestry Bureau of the People's Republic of China as a candidate for the title of national animal of China. This decision was deferred due to the red-crowned crane's Latin name translation as "Japanese crane"

About this geocoin

This large and heavy geocoin was inspired by Chinese art and myths based around the Crane. Each coin comes with a pin badge (one pin badge with set) and the pin badge is also available separately. The coin was designed by Ian Ledger and produced by Geocoins R Us exclusively for Geocache Land.

The front of the coin is a highly detailed 3D image that features three cranes in flight against an ornate background and surrounded by a bamboo and scrollwork border. This side of the coin is finished with a red translucent enamel.
The rear of the coin features two Red-crowned Cranes resting in a blossom tree with Traditional Chinese symbols for "Long life and prosperity". This side is finished in soft enamels.


Longevity - Regular Edition, 70 made, Copper - £18

Strength - Limited Edition, 50 made, Antique Gold - £19

Purity - Limited Edition, 50 made, Antique Silver- £19

Peace - Extra Limited Edition, 35 made, Satin Silver - £20

Sacrifice - Extra Limited Edition, 35 made, Two tone Copper/ Gold - £20

Prosperity - Extra Limited Edition, 35 made, Two tone Copper/ Silver - £20

Immortality - Geocache Land Edition, 25 made, Two tone Black Nickel/ Gold - £25 (Sold Out)

Set - one of each version with 1 pin badge - £130 (Sold out)

Pin Badge - See separate listing here

Diameter: 60mm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: 80g
Trackable: Yes
Own Icon: Yes

Pin badge is 26mm in diameter. All pin badges are Copper (matching RE)