Copper Bones

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Copper Bones

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The perfect coin for all you pirates out there!

Not much is known about One-Eyed Willy's background story, other than he was literally born with only one eye, and that he became the most famous pirate among pirates in his day, possibly the most dangerous cutthroat to ever sail the seven seas. Willy is known for his creation and use of ingenious traps that could take down even the most experienced treasure hunters. One day, Willy and his crew stole a great treasure of gold and jewellery, then they loaded it all up onto his ship, The Inferno and they sailed away into the sunset. Then when word got to the British king about the theft, he sent out an entire armada to go after the pirates. Then after a few weeks, they finally found Willy. Then there was a big war between the armada and The Inferno, during the fire fight, there were guns bursting, and cannons blasting. It was massive. Then Willy fled because he knew he'd get killed if he stayed around, and then he and his men got into a cave, and the British blew up the walls all around him, caving him in. Ever since then, Willy had been there, forever trapped.
For 5-6 years, One-Eyed Willy and his pirates had been down there digging tunnels and caves, and setting booby traps so that anybody who tried to get in would die. Then once their job was done, Willy killed all his men so that they wouldn't get to his treasure. Although, it is said that one of the pirates must have got out alive, with a map and a key.

This geocoin is a copy of the Copper Bones Key, as found by Chester Copperpot. It is unknown how Chester Copperpot came into possession of the copper bones key, it's widely speculated that even if Copperpot had made it past the first trap, without the map in his possession he would have met his demise using the copper bones key.

This coin is very finally detailed and even has the inscription:

De cobre los huesos
De piedra el trato
Espuma el poniente

That translates to:

Copper bones
Stone the deal
Foaming the west

Maybe you need to find the map to decode this cryptic message!

Does the above sound familiar? Maybe it should as it is from the plot of The Goonies

This great coin and pin set

Size: 44.96mm x 19mm
Thickness: 2.85mm
Weight: 13g (32g inc pin, tag and packing)
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Yes

NB: This set no longer includes the Discover Tag pictured.