Carabina Lock

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Carabina Lock

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Carabina combination lock, now in 2 sizes

This locking carabina has a multitude of uses and is a great addition to any geocachers itinerary:

  • Lock your GPS securely onto your back-pack
  • Use it as a keyring with no risk of the latch opening and your keys dropping off
  • Perfect for making puzzle caches
  • Ideal for locking ammo-cans
  • Plus many, many more........

Large - 110mm x 65mm (approx)
Small - 74mm x 29mm (approx)

Colour: supplied at random

How to change the combination

  1. The original combination is 0-0-0. Line this up with the markings on the lick
  2. Press the lock down and open
  3. Inside the lock you will now see a black button. Press this button down with a pen or similar item
  4. Holding the button down, twist the numbers to your personal combination. We recommend writing this new combination down and storing safely
  5. Release the button and your new combination is now set.