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Camo Tape (20m x 5cm)

Camo Tape (20m x 5cm)

Product code: 3100100
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The ideal camoflague covering for your geocaches.

Each roll of tape is 50mm wide and 20m long, double the length of most rolls available. We have even seen 5m rolls being sold for the same price as our 20m rolls!

Specifically designed to blend into UK florna with a none reflective surface. Most versions of camo tape sold in the UK are the German design/ colours, those are much darker and do not blend in anywhere near as well (trust us, we have used both types). 

This fabric tape has a super strong glue making it stick to just about any surface and stay there and at 20m long there is enough tape to cover just about any cache (or about 40 lunch box size geocaches).

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Product Code 3100100