Azores 2016 Geocoin

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Azores 2016 Geocoin

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Size: 45 mm X 36 mm x 3 mm
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Plating: Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze and Antique Copper
Weight: 25g

The Empires of the Holy Spirit are one of the most striking features of the Azorean identity, constituting a cult as well as mark the island daily, determines identity traits that accompany the Azorean everywhere where emigration took them. In addition to the Azores, the cult of the Holy Spirit is very much alive today in Brazil (where he was taken for three centuries) and in North America.

In the Azores, one of the largest reference is the Brotherhood of the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit of São Carlos, in Angra do Heroísmo.


The Empire of the Spirit of the Holy Cross is a Portuguese empire located in the place of Figueiras Paim of the parish of Santa Cruz da Vitória Beach County and is part of the Inventory of Historical and Religious Praia da Vitória and dates back to the twentieth century.

This is a construction which presents a quadrangular plan, with a single floor, plastered and painted white except for the protruding elements of the façade are painted blue, yellow, red and green.

The facades have three bays each, these spans that are framed by arches slaughtered, based on circular section of small columns. The windows feature cast iron guards and are finished in Broken Bow. The corners are formed by two small columns united. The facades are topped by a parapet with apilastrados reliefs on the vertical of small columns.

The angles are punctuated by spiers. The axis of the main facade there is a gable curved shape and capped on the ends by scrolls, which reads the inscription "EMPIRE OF CHARITY". It also has a dove of the Holy Spirit and at the bottom of the wall, the center has a board with a four-leaf clover with the date "1954".

The utility of this empire is presented with a continuous rectangular design of body, leaning against the inside face of the empire and perpendicular to this, with two symmetrical facades in free fronts on both sides of the empire. Has only one floor and plastered and painted white, with the punch, the corners, the pilasters, the cornices, the elements of the parapet and frames painted blue.

The central openings have curved lintel and are surmounted by cornices. The parapets have dates in full and rosettes in relief. The cover presents with gabled tile in half-round industrial production. This empire is possible the following dates be noted: Registered in the existing parapets pantry "28 September 1941" and "23 September 1995". Inscription on the pediment of the empire, "1954". 
By opening a street layout reasons of this empire and its pantry were displaced from their original deployment, having been moved a little to the side of your current position.