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Scotty Duck V2




This geocoin was voted the Best Geocoin of 2016 by the UK geocaching public!


Scotty Duck has invited his family over!

These are the Version 2 Scotty Duck geocoins and are now double sided. Let us introduce you to the family:

  • Glen - Glen is Scotty's brother, a quick swimmer but unfortunately not that quick in the head! (RE 60 made)
  • Tropical - Scotty's uncle from the Caribbean and is very proud of his Jamaican roots. (XLE 50 made)
  • Bernier's Teal - Scotty's upper-class cousin who hides an evil side (don't look at his eyes under a UV light!) (LE 45 made)
  • Ghost - Scotty's great, great, great grandmother. She still likes to pop in now and again, especially at night when her personality really glows (XLE 40 made)
  • Pinky Winky - Scotty's little niece, she is the sister of OJ Boots (SE 35 made). This edition was styled by Morgan Ledger
  • OJ Boots - Scotty's nephew. He's very proud of his glittery feet. (SE 35 made). This edition was styled by Sophie Ledger
  • Louisa - Scotty's baby sister. In her white glitter top she is full of fun and mischief and is always teasing Glen (SE 25 made). This edition was styled by Louisa Lloyd
  • Sir Knight - Locked inside his silver suit of armour, nobody knows what colour his feathers are underneath (SE 25 made). This edition was styled by Evelyn Di Genova
  • Kat - Scotty's big sister. Glam is her thing and blue glitter is a must. She is always trying to keep Scotty, Glen and Louisa under control (SE 25 made). This edition was styled by Kat Race
  • Polish Duck - Scotty's European cousin. Perfectly dressed in his national colours he is always the center of any party. (SE 25 made). This edition was styled by Pawel Hachaj

Height: 50.2mm
Width: 41.5mm
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 20g
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Yes

Were upto £14 each, now £10 or less