3D Floating Frame

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3D Floating Frame

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This Amazing Frame combines the latest technology and innovation to meet the needs of all collectors

The special silicone membrane stretches around the collectible and offers a quick, unique, and reusable storage solution.

Available in 3 sizes; 70mm, 90mm and 110mm
Choice of colour: Black or white

Choice of stand: corner (single) or edge (pair)

Here is how it works: 

  1. The built in pressure clip closure allows the frame to open and close like a book.
  2. The object is placed on one of the two silicone membranes and the frame closed.
  3. The object is now surrounded by the two silicone membranes and remains in place.
  4. The two halves are held firmly together by the pressure clip.
  5. The floating frame closes perfectly and protects your treasures from dust.
  6. The collection object can be removed at any time to exchange it for another collector's item.

The free standing frame is perfect for every collector as you can display almost anything - Antiques, Jewellery, Watches, Knives, Minerals, Coins (in capsules), War Medals, Heirlooms - whatever you collect, this frame offers a solution for you!